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What Does
Cal Night Do?

THE CALIFORNIA NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION  (CAL NIGHT) works to create policy on the local and state level to protect one of California’s greatest resources: our legacy of music, nightlife, and live performance. 

ALL OVER   THE WORLD, when people turn on their radios they hear music that was written, recorded or produced in California. Jazz from San Francisco beatnik bars, country from honky-tonks in Bakersfield, surf rock from San Diego beach bandstands, hip-hop from clubs in LA–nightlife is where California music is born. 

Music Fans

Stop the
War on Music. 

NIGHTLIFE IS ENDANGERED in California. Music and dance venues are being threatened by skyrocketing rents, the devastating effects of the pandemic, and local politicians supporting  the “war on music.” 

SACRAMENTO HAS a full-time anti-nightlife lobbying group. They work year-round trying to pass policies that shut down bars, music venues, and places for dancing. These next generation prohibitionists believe that any business that sells alcohol should be closed, even if it means killing California’s live music. Cal Night is the only organization working to protect our historic nightlife venues. 

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